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This apron has been made with a recycled denim coffee sack and has been lined with organic calico. The ties and the adjustable neckband have been made with hemp.


This fabric is very unusual for a coffee sack - it is made from recycled denim so the fabric has now been recycled twice! Unfortunately, I am unable to obtain anymore of this fabric at the moment so don't wait to purchase yours!


 When the coffee sacks come to me, I never know what I'm going to receive, which makes it quite exciting when the box arrives! As the jute or denim coffee sacks have been used before many of them display imperfections and often have to be cut in slightly varying sizes - a little like us! 


I like to think that the imperfections help to make each apron unique and are part of the charm of the finished product. I also like to make use of remnants and organic fabrics for the lining - therefore each apron is sold as a separate item. 


The apron can be carefully washed on a low temperature. 


This apron measures: 77cm long by 62cm at the widest point where the straps are fixed. 


I am happy to take custom orders - please contact me to discuss size and available fabric.

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SKU: 015
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