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Using Ethically Produced Fabrics

When I started EllyJules just a few years ago I thought that it was enough to buy beautiful cotton fabrics and make lovely things. After all, I had been doing it for many years for myself and family.

However, being Little Miss Recycler in my family, I gradually began to learn and become converted to the idea of making things with recycled garments. Hence, Pretty Preppy Scarves were born - part recycled clothing, part new.

Pretty Preppy Recycled Scarf

However, the more I began to read about the production of cotton and how many pesticides were used and the damage it was causing to both the environment and the people using it, the more I became converted to the idea of using organic fabrics.

After searching around for my favourite designs I started producing cushions and bags with organics, although I still used remnants and recycled fabrics - after all, waste is as bad for the environment as chemicals.

Organic cotton canvas cushion

Not only was this fabric produced without the use of pesticides, it was also fairtrade.

I loved working with this gorgeous colourful canvas cotton.

Stag and Trees Tote bag

And this yummy Stag in the Trees tote bag was so delicious that it was a firm favourite, especially with the children!

Creating Beasties in Bonnets and using wool fabric was once again, a brand new step and I was anxious not to abandon the values that I had worked hard to bring into EllyJules. When a representative came to see me from Abraham Moon in West Yorkshire and talked about their ethics and about the production of wool fabric I knew I had found the right source. The only problem was sifting through their many, many fabric samples to choose which ones I wanted to use!

Wilf the Whippet. (with thanks to Yeshen Venema for photography

Keeping to my ethics is a constantly evolving process and I recently discovered that approximately 80% of feathers used to stuff cushions fillers, duvets and pillows have been plucked from live birds. I was horrified and immediately stopped buying feather fillers and am now using micro fibre in their place. The cushions still look great and feel wonderful to touch - they are now just a little kinder. I hope you agree!

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