Using Ethically Produced Fabrics

When I started EllyJules just a few years ago I thought that it was enough to buy beautiful cotton fabrics and make lovely things. After all, I had been doing it for many years for myself and family. However, being Little Miss Recycler in my family, I gradually began to learn and become converted to the idea of making things with recycled garments. Hence, Pretty Preppy Scarves were born - part recycled clothing, part new. However, the more I began to read about the production of cotton and how many pesticides were used and the damage it was causing to both the environment and the people using it, the more I became converted to the idea of using organic fabrics. After searching around for my


I am often asked how long it takes to make A 'Beasties in Bonnet' cushion and how I came up with the concept - so for those interested, read on! I have done animal appliqué on bags and cushions for a while but I wanted to create something different and original that would give the animals a character of their own. Hats are very defining and add interest and originality to costumes – perfect to give my animals a little sense of eccentricity. After that, ideas began to tumble like a waterfall and the only problem was restricting the number of animals! For some of the characters I was happy to allow them to conform to expectations but others I wanted to be a little unconventional, like Mabel th

The Great Yorkshire Show

For the first time EllyJules will be exhibiting at The Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate 12-14th July 2016. Robin will be there too! Look for me in the 'Shop for Something Different' (Cottage Industries Association) Marquee on Fifth Avenue. I'm so excited to have an opportunity to exhibit my products there and I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of you - mention my blog post and I will offer you a 10% discount! See you there! Eleanor

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